BQ Newsletter

Friday's newspaper round-up

Government inflation savings would hit elderly

The Government could make changes to the way inflation is calculated that would save the Treasury £3bn a year, but cost pensioners and those holding index-linked bonds.

Full story: Telegraph

Apple chief gives up dividend payments

Apple chief executive Tim Cook will forgo US$75m in dividend payments he would get for the more than 1m shares he is to receive over the next decade.

Full story: Telegraph

Farepak bosses accused of being 'unfit' to run a company

Vince Cable's lawyers call on high court to ban former Farepak bosses from being company directors for up to 15 years.

Full story: Guardian

Osborne gets 3bn reasons to change way he does his sums

A committee that advises the UK Statistics Authority may recommend an overhaul that could permanently pare back gains in the RPI.

Full story: Times (subscription only)

Faroe bows to 'shareholder spring'

OIL and gas explorer Faroe Petroleum became the latest company to get drawn into the “shareholder spring” yesterday, heading off a potential investor rebellion over a long-term bonus scheme.

Full story: Scotsman