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  • Growing is a Vertu


    BQ talks to the man at the Vertu Motors wheel, Robert Forrester, about the firm’s rapid rise to power.

  • Turnkey talent


    Richard Grafton believes his new interiors business is a step change from the companies he has been running for the past two decades. He tells Peter Baber why.

  • Taking on the country


    Kevin Hollinrake has just taken his York-based estate agency through a merger that now gives it a national presence. Could this be the time for him to re-enter politics? Peter Baber finds out.

  • Twenty six steps to success


    Leeds-based digital marketing agency Twentysix thrives on not having a hierarchy and being like the client, it’s boss tells Peter Baber.

  • Twice bitten, never shy


    Howard Gould returned to take over ISIS-Ex, a company he had been involved in setting up, some years after he moved onto other things. Here he explains why it was worth it

  • An articulate voice for business


    Nosheena Mobarik is the first chairman of CBI Scotland to come from a small business. BQ charts her remarkable rise to prominence.

  • Mum likes it hot

    mccan THUMB

    When she was made redundant from her bank job, Susan McCann decided to set up her own condiment business in her kitchen. Karen Peattie reports on hew remarkable success since.

  • Deadgood designs on success


    Elliot Brook and Dan Ziglam are building a North East reputation for progressive furniture and lighting design, taking other young creators with them at the same time.

  • Career change champion

    Paul Ferris

    Paul Ferris talks BQ through his unlikely career path from beautiful game to books, bar and boardroom.