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The menswear maestro

The remarkable journey of Kim Jones has taken him out of Africa and into the heart of French fashion dynasty Louis Vuitton, writes Josh Sims.

  • 68 shades of white


    Some say he’s a stylist rather than a designer. What cannot be denied, though, is that Ralph Lauren has transformed fashion.

  • Queen of the Ritzy


    The name Vivienne Westwood will always create a reaction – but ultimately one of awe, writes Josh Sims.

  • Brand awareness


    We may not have just conquered the Eiger but we want to appear as if we have – while still looking good on the train, as Josh Sims reports.

  • Inside outfitter


    Like the star footballer he once wanted to be, William Hunt is making his presence felt in the public arena with an eye for styling that engages and excites.

  • Brogue trader


    So, you wear your shoes in a boggy field then poke holes in the top to help them dry? This way your feet will also stay cool. Oh, yeah? The brogue is back big-style says Josh Sims.

  • Sweeney shod


    ‘Proper’ footwear doesn’t have to be dull, brown and boring – it can also be ‘quirky with a twist’ as Chris Porter discovers on easing himself into a pair of Oliver Sweeney shoes.

  • Style is the new driver


    Nick Faldo’s diamond sweaters have given way to infinitely more elegant and practical golfwear, as Josh Sims reports.

  • Feel the quality


    They’re worn by those who know that superb quality and meticulous detail are all-important. Josh Sims gets into a Zilli shirt.

  • Salute to the aristo movement


    The clothing brand associated with Aston Martin, rowing, rugger and Oxbridge started life on a French fleamarket barrow. Josh Sims delves into Hackett.

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