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Evictions fall despite tough times

Friday 7 December 2012 5:00

The number of tenants evicted from North East rental homes is sharply down on this time last year – despite the gloomy economic picture painted in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

Ministry of Justice figures for the third quarter of 2012 show the number of local landlords securing Possession Orders through the courts 19% down in Tyne and Wear, when compared to the same period last year.

The figures, obtained by North East lettings agent KIS Lettings, show evictions almost 30% down in Sunderland and North Tyneside alone and nearly 20% down in South Tyneside.

Ajay Jagota of KIS Lettings, which manages properties for 700 landlords across the North East, said: “Although it’s too early to speculate about what these figures tell us about the wider economy, they certainly show what a good time it is to be a landlord - especially when you consider the ongoing rise in demand for good quality rented homes.

“No landlord wants to evict a tenant – it’s a costly, complicated and traumatic process for all parties, which is why many landlords find it best to leave it to an agent.

“Tenants struggling to make ends meet are a fact of life in the current climate and responsible landlords and agents are increasingly taking a more proactive approach to tenants in financial difficulties, taking early steps to nip problems in the bud rather than waiting for the emotional and financial strain of a legal eviction process.

“It could be that we are witnessing a more profound cultural change both in lettings and in our wider society.

“Britain is now a nation of renters. This means than people are increasingly taking their rental agreements as seriously as they take mortgage agreements, which can only be a good thing for landlords.”