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Scandinavian manufacturing success

Thursday 13 December 2012 6:00

Barrier Fire Protection, part of the Wallsend-based Barrier Group, has been given the green light to become the UK’s only manufacturer of a Norwegian product used by oil and gas firms across the globe.

The company has become sole UK licence holder for the patented Benarx F Epoxy fire protection box for oil & gas facilities developed by Norwegian manufacturer, Benarx

Barrier will also install the units and provide on-going maintenance support.

The Benarx F Epoxy Box secures steel structures against the dangers of heat, fire and explosion. The boxes, which can be manufactured to thicknesses of between 6-20mm, are entirely covered with an expanding epoxy coating. In case of a fire the epoxy mass expands and create a tight barrier between the fire area and the protected units.

Barrier managing director Paul Harriman said: “This proven technology has built a strong reputation in global markets and we are delighted to have come to an agreement with Beerenberg to become the UK licensee for Benarx.

"There are strong synergies between these products and our existing offering, which supports the safety commitment of the oil & gas sector.

“International oil companies invest significant resources safeguarding personnel and equipment against the danger of fire and explosion. Fireproofing is an important and comprehensive priority area. The disastrous Piper Alpha incident is an unfortunate example of a potentially devastating outcome when steel constructions are not well-protected against heat, fire, and explosion.”

Barrier carries out passive fire protection contracts backed by supporting technical and installation services from within the Barrier Group.

Barrier Group, which employs 200 people, is a specialist in the field of corrosion and fire protection in offshore, petrochemical and construction projects.