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  • Property tax is crippling economy says report

    Charges placed on empty shops and commercial properties are severely hindering the region’s economic recovery, a new report claims.

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  • A time for collaboration

    Trevor Siddoway on how working together on apprenticeship programmes can pay dividends.

  • Putting wind in the sails of offshore sector

    As I See It

    Energy bill will inject confidence into offshore wind industry, writes Alex Dawson, chairman of Energi Coast.

  • The land of luxury


    Age-old italian brand loro piana is an exclusive club in which luxury, above all else, is what matters, as Josh Sims finds

  • Port's promise


    In these economic hard times Port of Tyne is thriving through diversification and finding new markets, as Peter Jackson reports

  • Social engagement gone bad

    As I See It

    Digital media expert Amy Thompson on PR disasters and how to avoid them using social media tools.

  • The formula for success

    As I See It

    The recession and related fallout has not held back one North East company as Peter Jackson reports.

  • Deadgood designs on success


    Elliot Brook and Dan Ziglam are building a North East reputation for progressive furniture and lighting design, taking other young creators with them at the same time.

  • Size and substance


    Joe Olabode, managing director of IT Solutions company PCI Services, test drives the Porsche Panamera 3.0 litre V6 Turbo Diesel.

  • By George he's got it

    As I See It

    Ahead of next month’s Autumn statement, Grant Thornton’s Joe McLean outlines what business leaders can expect to hear from the Chancellor following his springtime shambles.

  • City on the move

    As I See It

    Despite the tough current climate, a new and seemingly influential report has labelled Newcastle an economic supercity.

  • New breed is born


    What happens if you cross the swagger of a super-car with the practicality of an SUV, asks Josh Sims.

  • Beyond the Eurozone


    Peter Jackson reports on the North East-based exporters increasingly looking further afield to win new business.