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Welcome to the Subscription area for Business Quarter Magazine. BQ is a stimulating quarterly business magazine brought to you by leading independent publishers room501 Publishing.

Providing the inside track on what drives our leading businesses, business people and entrepreneurs, BQ offers a unique and refreshing mix of business news, commentary from leading business people and profiles of the UK's most inspirational entrepreneurs. With a unique style and attitude BQ aims to get to the heart and soul of business people to find out what drives, inspires and motivates them towards their ambitions.

Each quarter BQ also brings its readership a wealth of business intelligence and information, whilst looking ahead to forthcoming events and reporting on recent developments that will have a significant impact on the UK's regional business landscapes.

BQ is no ordinary business publication. With unique content and a style determinedly its own, its aim is to inspire, enlighten and empower, embracing and reporting business success wherever it is found.

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