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Be more enterprising

Only a lunatic would attempt to do more for less - yet that's exactly what many of you have been doing of late, says business guru Iain Scott.

  • Swimming against the tide

    As I see it

    Scotland's number one food export continues to defy the choppy economic conditions, writes Scottish Salmon Producers' Organisation chief exec Scott Landsburgh.

  • Mind the gap

    money THUMB

    New figures from several sources show Scotland, Yorkshire and the North East of England falling further behind the South in the private sector stakes.

  • Redundancy's no answer

    As I see it

    Arbitrary decisions to reduce head count are not the way to cut costs and can, in fact, do more damage, argues Will Fatherley.

  • Making a break for it

    As I see it

    Although Santander’s programme for SMEs started last year, the charm offensive driving it continues at pace, reports Andrew Mernin.

  • Productivity pause

    As I see it

    Are we becoming a nation of under-achievers? BQ looks at the evidence and reasons behind the UK workforce’s poor performance.

  • Cyber crime matters to you

    As I see it

    Increasing use of new services like cloud computing makes cyber crime even more of an issue you have to face, says Alastair broom.

  • Tuning your engine

    As I see it

    The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors' president David Reynolds on the success that comes after greater attention to internal risk.

  • Our survey says...

    As I See It

    The latest headline-grabbing entrepreneurial report raises more questions than answers, writes Andrew Mernin as he reaches for a pinch of salt.

  • Why doing less is more

    As I see it

    Smashing the entrepreneurial glass ceiling to reach the top is a case of putting your feet up and taking stock, argues Dan Sullivan.