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  • Can we make it? Yes we can

    As I see it

    It shouldn’t surprise us that the UK in general and the North East in particular are raising the pace in manufacturing once more. Our achievements are not always as obvious – that’s all, says Dan Burrows.

  • Why we had to do this

    As I see it

    Andy Preston, back in his home town Middlesbrough after a career in international finance, tells BQ why he has felt compelled to get involved in community support.

  • Speed is of the essence

    Nigel Perry

    The CPI is now firmly established as an international centre of excellence based in the North East – and profitably so. Chief executive Nigel Perry tells how the success has been achieved.

  • Give and take in employment law

    As I see it

    Frances Barker looks at the changes to employment tribunals ahead and the ongoing consultation on ‘modern workforces’ which companies will have to take in their stride.

  • Mission impossible for accountants

    Nick Lambert

    Chartered accountants are saying that among the complexities of new financial rules ahead the new PAYE reporting system being introduced by HMRC is the one ‘impossible’ as Nick Lambert explains.

  • Your key to the maze


    Funding is available for SMEs in the region – but tracking it down may sometimes be quite a challenge. Geoff Hodgson though has some advice to guide SMEs through the finance maze.

  • Painting the sunrise

    As I see it

    Levels of state investment announced for future oil and gas production confirm its status as a sunrise industry sure to remain prominent in the UK economy, says George Rafferty.

  • Admirable but tested


    Nowhere in the UK, it seems, will you find better service at a port or airport than in the North East. But the honour doesn’t come easily, as Brian Nicholls records.

  • Getting over your growing pains

    Sara Davies

    Globally successful entrepreneur Sara Davies from Crafters Companion reveals how she managed the growth of her now international business.