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Rapid growth for tech firm

Thursday 2 February 2012

<span> </span> <p>Fast-growing MC Ware Group has more than doubled turnover following a string of lucrative contract wins.</p> <span> </span> <span> </span> <span><span> </span></span>

Fast-growing MC Ware Group has more than doubled turnover following a string of lucrative contract wins.

In the twelve months to July last year, the Stokesley-based firm grew revenues from £1.5m to £3.6m and made a healthy six-figure profit after winning work in the burgeoning oil, gas and renewable energy sectors.

During the period, the company’s IT services arm produced a steady performance on the back of contract wins from repeat customers, generating more than one third of group revenues.

But the star performer was the group’s engineering arm, MC Ware Mechanical, which racked up almost £2m of business in eight months since launching in November 2010. Jonathan Wheatley, managing director of MC Ware Group, said: “MC Ware Mechanical has grown at a rate of knots because there is so much demand for supply chain work on oil, gas and renewable energy projects.

“That side of the business is less than eighteen months old and it’s punching well above its weight.

“Already we have worked on several projects led by international big-hitters with influence all around the globe.” During the period, MC Ware won several large contracts from Darlington trenching specialist CTC Marine and worked on the mobilisation of several ships for pipe and cable infrastructure giant Visser & Smit Hanab. 

MC Ware also clinched a contract to supply equipment for the Sheringham Shoal wind farm project, which aims to provide enough clean energy to power almost 220,000 homes.

An impressive 2010-11 has been followed by further growth in this financial year for MC Ware, which secured £3.6m of business in the six months to January 2012.

Full-year revenues are expected to top £5m.

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