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Fabricom boosts job market

Tuesday 13 March 2012

<h2><strong>An engineering firm is on track to boost training and jobs in the region’s oil and gas sector by 2014, following rapid growth in staff numbers and securing a number of lucrative new contracts over the past 12 months.</strong></h2>

Since moving to Tyneside in 2007 Fabricom Offshore Services, a subsidiary of global energy company Fabricom Oil Gas and Power, has gone from strength to strength, recently winning long term contracts with Maersk Oil North Sea UK Limited and Tailsman Energy (UK) Limited.

With an increase of 150 jobs in just under a year, this is growth which the company is confident will continue as the Fabricom looks to employ over 300 staff by 2014.

Fabricom MD Allan Cairns said: “In 2010 we made a pledge to bring staffing levels up from 80 to 200 by 2012 at our Tyneside office; however our rapid growth in recent months has enabled us to go above and beyond this projection, with existing employee levels sitting at 220.”

The past four years have also seen the company place heavy emphasis on the mentoring and support of over 30 trainees, graduates and apprentices – three of which, with Fabricom’s support, will soon begin studying for degrees in various engineering disciplines.

Allan continues: “Training is a key aspect of our business strategy and it is hoped that the investment which we are making in this area now will pay dividends in the long term, providing both Fabricom and the North East with a highly skilled workforce in the engineering sector.”

Fabricom has recently signed a long term lease at Quorum Business Park – a move which signifies the company’s continuing commitment to the North East as it enters this exciting new phase of growth.

Allan concludes: “We are very keen to consolidate our presence in the region and it is my aim to make Fabricom Offshore Services a sustainable and long term employer in the North East for years to come.

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