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Star Wars contract for Keltie Cochrane

Tuesday 13 March 2012

The creative experts at Keltie Cochrane are excited for the launch of the final in the latest series of Star Wars novels this month – particularly as they designed the front covers and online trailer.

San Francisco based Lucas Film Ltd is due to release ‘Apocalypse’ around the globe on March 13 2012, which will see the end of a four year lucrative illustrative project for Keltie Cochrane, designing the covers for all nine novels and the animated trailer for the final book.

Keltie Cochrane’s unique design talents were sought out directly by Random House in New York and Lucas Film Ltd in San Francisco to pitch for the design of the Star Wars novels; up against a New York based movie poster design studio, the Newcastle based designers won out with their unique style and endless ideas.

Besides the hugely iconic brand of Star Wars and Lucas Film Ltd, the highly critical fans also needed to be impressed, as each novel is released first via the Star Wars official website where fans can take an analytical eye over the designs and debate what the storylines might entail in the forums.

Keltie Cochrane chose to take a controversial stylistic approach and not use the traditional sci-fi art that fans were used to seeing – a concept Lucas Film Ltd bought into instantly as they wanted to take the novels in a new direction, keeping things new and fresh.

Keltie Cochrane creative director Ian Keltie said: “We are very privileged to have worked with Star Wars; it’s been a dream come true.

“The brand being so huge worldwide has been a fantastic profile builder, however it has also meant there was an immense amount of pressure on us to deliver something that the dedicated fans would appreciate.

“Having received some wonderful feedback from people all around the world who have followed the storylines of Star Wars for the past 30 years, I really couldn’t ask for a greater feeling of satisfaction in my job."

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