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New jobs follow wind plan

Friday 25 January 2013 5:00

Teesside-based automotive car parts manufacturer ElringKlinger (GB) is installing a medium-sized wind turbine at its Kirkleatham site which will lead to 40 new jobs.

The proposed turbine would allow the factory to generate about 30% of its own renewable energy, allowing the expansion of its operations and an increase in the workforce.

Subject to the granting of planning permission it is anticipated that the turbine will be fully operational by spring 2014.

Managing director Ian Malcolm said: “Sustainable growth is at the heart of our UK operation and the group is firmly committed to the reduction of CO2 emissions – both in terms of the product and how it is delivered.

“In order to tackle climate change, businesses – particularly within our industry – have a responsibility to move away from burning limited fossil fuel reserves to cleaner, renewable energy sources.

“As utility costs continue to rise throughout the country, businesses need to find the most cost effective solution to their energy needs and, in our case, the installation of a single medium-sized wind turbine will help provide the energy requirements for the factory as we move forward with ambitious expansion plans.”

The company recently invested £6m in a series of new auto-assembly lines and two new presses to meet demand for its new product ranges and it has pledged to create 60 new jobs over the next few years.

Ensuring it has its future clearly mapped out ElringKlinger (GB) is looking at everything from clean energies, recycling opportunites for its waste products and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) ambassadors in its workforce.

Technical support regarding the feasibility, planning, environmental assessment and engineering development of the proposed single turbine is being provided by the Leeds-based consultancy, Stratus Environmental Ltd.

The site has been initially assessed for its suitability against a number of criteria including environmental impacts, electricity demand and available wind resource. Further assessments will accompany the forthcoming planning application.

Community engagement work regarding the proposed turbine is ongoing, with a public consultation due to be held on Thursday 31st January from 12.30pm until 7.30pm at the Corus Sport and Social Centre, in Redcar, Cleveland.