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  • Deadgood designs on success


    Elliot Brook and Dan Ziglam are building a North East reputation for progressive furniture and lighting design, taking other young creators with them at the same time.

  • Career change champion

    Paul Ferris

    Paul Ferris talks BQ through his unlikely career path from beautiful game to books, bar and boardroom.

  • Psyched up and soaring


    Neither family nor bank manager could stifle Steve Cochrane’s ambition to put an industrial borough on the world’s fashion map, as Brian Nicholls reports.

  • Growing at a rate of knots


    In a sector populated by age-old firms with long histories, one young shipping company has fast emerged as a major challenger to the established fleet.

  • Switched off and smart


    If you think switching off the lights and heating at every opportunity is the only way to cut those soaring fuel and energy bills, you haven’t met Utilitywise’s Geoff Thompson.

  • Prepared for bake off


    Yorkshire dales pub owner Charles Cody thinks good kitchens should work like air traffic control towers. His success suggests he may have a point, writes Peter Baber.

  • A new life through cakes

    Viv Parry

    After taking more than a decade off to raise a family, Viv Parry found a new passion in turning around a failed Leeds bakery as Peter Baber discovers.

  • Algy stakes his claim

    Algy Cluff

    Oil industry legend Algy Cluff is back scouring for assets in the North Sea after making his mark in the Buchan Field in the 1970s. Here tells BQ why.

  • Something special


    Andrew Scaife’s background is in financial but he also has the chemistry to ensure an increasingly big portion of the medical industry will develop in the North East.