Entrepreneurs Forum
  • Getting serious about fun

    Claire O’Connor

    A new way of getting little girls into ballet has proved more successful than its founder could ever have imagined, Claire O’Connor tells Peter Baber.

  • Relationships do the work

    Peter Brook

    Peter Brook has built his car dealership and his vehicle finance company in the same way, he tells Peter Baber – by fostering relationships.

  • Health service

    Ian Richardson

    Early retirement may be fine for some – but not for serial entrepreneur Ian Richardson, as Peter Baber discovers.

  • Frog’s leg up for savvy school

    Gareth Davies

    Advances in technology are only important if they improve the lives of those who apply them – that’s just one lesson Peter Baber has learned.

  • Breaking the banks

    Anthony Thomson

    It’s a mighty leap from selling newspaper ads to launching a bank but Anthony Thomson has done just that. He tells Brian Nicholls how and why.

  • The meal deal

    Dan Curtis

    Dan Curtis is a man with a particularly direct way of running a company. His high standards have allowed his school catering company to became a particular success. Peter Baber reports.

  • The square root of style

    Peter Taylor

    Peter Taylor is the mastermind behind Blythswood Square hotel in Glasgow. He explains how his £30m hotel dream was saved from the brink of disaster.

  • When detox people listen

    Amanda Hamilton

    TV presenter Amanda Hamilton is using her on-screen experience to launch a global spa business – and the signs for success look encouraging, as Kenny Kemp discovers.

  • A star turn for toolmakers

    William Hyslop

    William Hyslop wanted to set up his own business in 1977. Today his son Craig runs Hyspec Engineering, employing more than 100 staff with a £1.5m expansion plan.