Entrepreneurs Forum
  • Freedom fighter

    Andrew Thirkill

    There is nothing in business quite as useful as tenacity. Peter Baber meets a man who not only impresses in that particular characteristic but who is also rarely short of ideas.

  • Uniformity means stability

    Bernard Bunting

    One man’s vision of schoolwear manufacture as a niche area has revived a sector of the Yorkshire textiles business.

  • The road map makers

    Ian Gillespie

    Telecoms entrepreneur Ian Gillespie calls in the executive team to discuss with Brian Nicholls their latest new venture which they say could be good news particularly for SMEs.

  • Where there’s a will there’s a way

    Will Ryles

    Will Ryles and his tiny team make bathrooms look different. He tells Brian Nicholls how one family’s life in the bush inspired the launch of a bold venture in home improvement here.

  • On the crest of a wave

    Chris Millman

    Who says the old shipyard skills are lost? They’re amply in evidence in Chris Millman’s fleet of activities at Blyth. Brian Nicholls reports.

  • Diamond geezer

    Chris Stoner

    A sector as solidly traditional as jewellery retailing doesn’t often experience reinvention, but as Peter Baber discovers, there are ways to do exactly that and make a real success out of it.

  • How the West was won

    Petra Wetzel

    With her dad’s cash, Petra Wetzel set up a bold Bavarian brewing company in Glasgow that hit the buffers. She tells Kenny Kemp how she's now rebuilding the business.

  • Where business angels fear to tread

    Nelson Gray

    What a great wheeze. Take one of Scotland’s most prominent business angels to his nearby church and have him pictured looking up at an ornate cherubim. Cliched? Cheesy?

  • Happy in a hole

    John Dickson

    Now that John Dickson has both feet back on the ground, new ways of moving an industry forward have suddenly emerged, as he tells Brian Nicholls.