Entrepreneurs Forum
  • Nursing the nation's cuts

    Ann Rushforth

    Ann Rushforth is one of Scotland’s leading women entrepreneurs but after selling a slice of her business she's gone back to school to help her family’s firm blossom.

  • Rubber soul

    Mike Welch

    Entrepreneur Mike Welch has worked hard for ten years building a successful, online tyre company. Now the input of Tesco’s former boss has given him a fresh outlook on the firm.

  • Turn around bright eyes

    Louise Richley

    ‘Bossy’ Louise Richley is full of enthusiasm as she tells Brian Nicholls of the satisfaction to be had from turning a business around.

  • Into the unknown

    Bettina Nissen

    Bettina Nissen couldn’t pick out Newcastle on a map before she moved there from Germany. But, she tells Brian Nicholls, she found a city that was ideal for her business.

  • A ticket to park and thrive

    John McGlynn

    While John McGlynn is still a relatively young entrepreneur, he has a lot of experience to pass on. The Airlink Group chairman tells Kenny Kemp about his ambitious plans for the future.

  • ‘And away I went’

    Simon Howie

    Simon Howie is an iconic Scottish brand. While his fillet steaks and prime beef are well-known in supermarkets, he is also a serial entrepreneur, as Kenny Kemp finds out.

  • Sign of things to come

    Nick Fearnley

    Nick Fearnley believes his digital signage company DMP has every reason to expect a rosy future. Here he tells Peter Baber why he is so optimistic about the months and years ahead.

  • Scrubbed up nicely

    Warren Booth

    The Yorkshire Soap Company has brought highly dramatic retail to a former Yorkshire mill town. Its founder Warren Booth tells Peter Baber why he has always looked beyond his hobby.

  • Hectic high life

    Guy Hudson

    Guy Hudson went through a hugely varied career before settling down to run his successful Lynx fashion business, now celebrating 25 years in Harrogate.