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  • A serious truffle maker


    Meet the Highland chocolatier behind a thriving gourmet business which is helping to put the Perthshire village of Grandtully on the map.

  • Time to drive tourism

    Warwick Brindle, Rockcliffe Hall

    There’s long been a lack of focus on North East tourism, Warwick Brindle believes. And the man behind a new showpiece hotel in the region believes it's time for a change.

  • The zenith of moon

    Jimmy Moon

    Jimmy Moon is the maker of hand-made acoustic guitars that are acclaimed by professional musicians around the world. BQ dropped into his workshop.

  • Good for the long term

    Philip Burgan

    A wise ability to look at the long-term view has helped Philip Burgan steer his care homes group through all the troubles the industry has seen recently. Peter Baber reports.

  • Going for growth

    Sir Peter Vardy

    Sir Peter Vardy, chairman of the Vardy Group of Companies, talks to BQ about today’s opportunities and rewards for budding business leaders.

  • A good eye, a good business

    Michael Stephenson

    Michael Stephenson’s craftsmanship is in demand at the highest level. He tells Brian Nicholls how he achieved his business success without paper qualifications.

  • The art of keeping focus

    Mark Nelson

    Would you take on running another business if your existing one was already struggling? Mark Nelson has, with great success, as he tells BQ Yorkshire's Peter Baber.

  • Kitchens think of customer service

    Paul Rose

    A streamlined operation and a willingness for ongoing improvement form the backbone of Rixonway Kitchens. But for chief executive Paul Rose it’s only simplistic manufacturing.

  • Individual plots the future

    Sandy Adams

    Sandy Adam has built Springfield Properties into one of Scotland’s fastest-growing and most respected house builders. He talks to Kenny Kemp about his motives.