Entrepreneurs Forum
  • 100 years young

    Geoff Ford

    Geoff Ford’s manufacturing business has scored a century of success despite the worst efforts of latter-day banks and government, he explains to Brian Nicholls.

  • Betting on the future

    John Wall

    In sustainables, we’re woefully behind many others in some respects. But John Wall, doyen of dealmakers, has been quick to spot and push the prospects. He tells Brian Nicholls how.

  • No shelving of ambition

    Chris Lord

    Presentation is everything, as any retailer will tell you. Peter Baber talks to a man who understands the difference between display and screen.

  • Grounds control

    David Cooper

    Running a coffee shop would appear to be a perfectly stress-free way of running a business. Not so. Peter Baber talks to one man who woke up and smelt the reality.

  • Lucinda: The incredible edible bread winner

    Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne

    Cookery writer Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne wanted desperately to find something for her young son to eat. She invented a gluten-free bread that is taking the market by storm, writes Kenny Kemp.

  • The tricks of the track

    Bob Watson

    Inventor and entrepreneur Bob Watson has turned his brain to creating a perfect electric-powered bicycle. Kenny Kemp meets the Scot who is king of the barcode.

  • Superjam

    Fraser Doherty

    Five years ago, Fraser Doherty and Iain Clark were in the same year at school in Edinburgh. Iain trained as a journalist while Fraser founded SuperJam. Here the old mates catch up.

  • The making of a golfing fairytale

    Jerry Sarvadi

    Kenny Kemp finds out how a unique Scottish golf club, a drive and a chip away from the world famous Muirfield, started as a twinkle in the eye of one stubborn American entrepreneur.

  • Jaz swings in perfect harmony with sport

    Jaz Athwal

    A scrum-half turned property developer is now the link between business and the Asian community. Jaz Athwal talks to Peter Baber about being a proud Yorkshireman.