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  • Box clever

    Guy Watson

    Recently the organic vegetable home-delivery business has seen several doors close in its face. Peter Baber talks to the farmers who will push and push until they swing open again.

  • Every cloud has a silver lining

    John Sanderson

    It takes more than two floods in a year to knock the smile off John Sanderson’s face. Already the industrialist turned hotel owner is planning new ventures, as Brian Nicholls discovers.

  • £33M at 30 must be good

    Sean O’Connor

    Richer already than some Royals, Sean O’Connor tells Brian Nicholls his unexpected situation does bring some droll moments.

  • Building success from heritage

    Peter Stienlet

    Buildings are in his blood, he says, which is why Peter Stienlet takes such pride in preserving some of our finest architecture. He talks to Brian Nicholls.

  • Achtung baby ...

    Dirk Mischendahl

    Dirk Mischendahl came to Leeds to study and loved it so much, he’s back, creating a big noise through even bigger events. Peter Baber meets the German in his home from home.

  • Copy right

    Adrian Fitzpatrick

    The office supplies market may have been through a revolution in the past two decades, but Peter Baber finds one Wakefield company is keeping well ahead of developments.

  • Service with a smile

    Michael Hodgson

    How do you get to be best in the business only three years after you launch your company? Michael Hodgson tells Brian Nicholls how he did it.

  • Keep it in the family

    John Tordoff

    John Tordoff - head of Yorkshire’s biggest car dealership - has ideas of his own to take the company forward, as Peter Baber reports.

  • Clearing the air

    Nick Heaton

    Nick Heaton may have joined Harrogate-based Envirovent without knowing what exactly he was getting into, but he soon worked out how to make it a success. Michael Clarke reports.