Entrepreneurs Forum
  • Engineering a brighter future

    Chris Thompson

    A financial world in paralysis is no reason for an entrepreneur to stand still, as Chris Thompson shows through continued investments and contributions to the regional economy.

  • Housing crisis could be good for us

    Alan J Smith

    Having to re-think our approach to housing should be one of the few good things to emerge from the economic crisis, the internationally acclaimed architect Alan J Smith tells BQ.

  • To the manor born

    James Allison

    James Allison loved his childhood home so much he turned it into a business. Jane Pikett meets a man for whom the phrase ‘working from home’ may have been coined.

  • The lad’s got talent

    David Harper

    David Harper left school with no certificates but now through other talents he owns a fast-widening group of firms bedrocked by education and job training, as Brian Nicholls reports.

  • Light and sound

    Kristina Simpson

    Kristina Simpson tells Brian Nicholls how she saw the light starting a business on a credit card, and paused to become a mother before taking her venture further ahead.

  • Something for the weekend

    Stephen Kee

    Saks, one of the UK’s most successful hair and beauty groups, is about to move into men’s barber shops with a cheeky grin and lots of laddish humour, as Jane Pikett reports.

  • The Viz of fizz sharpens its sparkle

    Eldon Robson

    Eldon Robson bows to no-one as he tickles the taste buds of German and American drinkers with beverages as unashamedly northeastern as whippets and flat caps once were. BQ reports.

  • Rising star in control

    Vicky Godliman

    Vicky Godliman has won a major Yorkshire finance business award. Unlikely candidate, said some. Perfect choice, writes Peter Baber.

  • Small beer really is beautiful

    Tony Gartland

    Micro-brewing is the ideal occupation for business people who want a change of scene, Tony Gartland tells Peter Baber.