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  • Go with the customer

    Nigel Mills

    Fighting the supermarkets is a battle at best of times, and at this particularly testing juncture customer focus is the sharpest weapon, Nigel Mills tells Brian Nicholls.

  • Every cloud

    John Hayes

    John Hays, who usually spreads sunshine, could have been in the doldrums by now, but for holidaymakers like us being cleverly realistic – as he explains to Brian Nicholls.

  • Two-track mind

    Graeme Lowdon

    Even as he advances communication tech for trains, Graeme Lowdon also finds time to direct Virgin's F1 racing team. Brian Nicholls finds out how he fits it all together.

  • The art of business

    Bryan Goodall

    Why have money gaining little interest in the bank, when you could start a new firm with it? So says Bryan Goodall, whose track record suggests a shrewd mind at work, says Brian Nicholls.

  • Pink different

    Cathy McConaghy

    She gave up a successful business because she got bored with it. Now Cathy McConaghy sells sandwiches from a van. Peter Baber reports.

  • Drama Queen

    Susannah Daley

    If you think business and theatre don’t mix, you might spend some time with Susannah Daley, says Peter Baber, who has done just that.

  • Reach for the sky

    Chris Hopkins

    Lessons learned during his time as a national bodybuilding champion have helped Chris Hopkins in his mission to improve the image of the roofing industry, says Peter Baber.

  • Lorna leads the fightback

    Lorna Moran

    A major weapon in the region’s fightback to economic recovery will be a new generation of business talent which a former young entrepreneur, Lorna Moran, is doing much to hone.

  • Fortune telling for the noughties

    Joanna Feeley

    Trend-spotter Joanna Feeley won her first job in New York while she was still a UK student. Still ahead of the game, she now has a prophetic niche business in the North East.